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Large scope of machinery network, starting from manual to high-speed machinery level.

5-axis machinery up to body and shaft production. ​


Static Centrifugal Precision Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel Aluminium and Brass material qualities are available. ​

Castings are done in Europe’s best steel casting companies.


According to EN 1090 TIG, MIG, MAG, welding. ​

Project resolution with necessary PQR and WPS. Oxygen, Plasma, Laser and Water Jet cut parts assemblies with the project resolutions.


Is our solution for load movements. Ergonomic and economical at the same time. Our products only work with compressed air. We offer lowest prices for German quality. Would you like to know more?

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Sertechnik offers special and customer-oriented solutions. Our partners’ capabilities and strong network bring us the flexibility to serve you better for your model-oriented needs.

Sertechnik specializes fully in the branches of:
  • Modeling
  • Engineering
  • Casting
  • Welding construction
  • Machine construction
  • Assembly
  • Quality optimization
  • Quality- and cost-optimized solutions

BPM Industrial Manipulators allow ergonomic, safe and effective handling of nearly all products. We are able to lift and hold anything from 5 to 900 kg, with compressed air only.

BPM is the answer to the need to transport loads of different types. We help in all possible areas, from warehouse logistics through various production areas to packaging.

The perfect balance of loads allows gripping and handling in almost all directions in a virtually weightless manner: the operator is able to work effectively under maximum safety and ergonomic conditions.

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Pneumatic Manipulator Supporter with articulated arms

Pneumatic Manipulator Transporter with articulated arms

Pneumatic Manipulator Helpful with articulated arms

Pneumatic Manipulator Forcefull with articulated arms

Pneumatic Manipulator PowerFull with articulated arms

Pneumatic Manipulator Hercules with articulated arms